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People's Church Vision Statement

People’s Church provides a loving religious home that welcomes all people, honors diversity, and celebrates common values. We support one another in our individual searches for spiritual truths that give meaning to life. Collectively, we seek to act on those truths in our community and in the world.


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from our Minister, Dr. Lou Yock

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  • “HEART AND MIND” – MAY 2024 – Dr. Lou Yock

    When reading the news and watching snippets of the protests and reactions on college campuses, I’m wondering if this is how “Boomer’s” were seen by their parents and grandparents during their anti-war and civil rights protests? Only now, “Boomers” and “Xers” are “the Man,” scratching their heads at “Gen Z.” On these beautiful spring mornings, […]

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  • HEART AND MIND – April 2024 – Dr. Lou Yock

    My daffodils are showing color, and it isn’t even the end of March! Some years we would still have deep snow and mountains of snow in parking lots. I am thankful for the changing seasons, and always happy to have a mild winter. While I know the maple syrup harvest was affected this year, and […]

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  • HEART AND MIND – MARCH 2024 – Dr. Louis Yock

    With its five years worth of work completed, all well done and comfortably within budget, the Building Construction Committee dissolved itself at its last meeting in February. The committee started before COVID, and through a pandemic, and blocked access to the back of the building, and then blocked access to the front of the building, […]

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