August 2020

There are so many things going on…um…and not going on.

First of all it’s good to have Carol back in the office.  She’s putting everything back in order.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone who stepped-up and stepped-in, as well as for everyone’s patience during the early days of the pandemic and Carol’s absence.


With the vote at the Annual Meeting, the contract for the addition has been signed and construction is expected to start in the middle of August.  This will give us about a week or two between construction projects, as the road construction in front of the church just finished.  The church addition construction should take 4-5 months, which means it should be wrapped-up by mid-winter.  Hopefully this will coincide with healthier and happier times.  The Construction Committee is hard at work finishing the details and making the necessary arrangements.  Remember that the back parking lot will not be available for the rest of the summer and on into winter once the construction starts.


It seems like we have mastered the Sunday Zoom Service, thanks to everyones persistence and, again, patience.  We can be live, recorded, and remote.  Everyone working on the service, including Thomas Trahey and the worship committee will continue to try and make improvements and more enriching.


Anticipating that we will still probably not be meeting in larger groups for the foreseeable future, I am looking for ways to expand our internet interactions and maybe some properly distanced outdoor activities for the fall and winter months.  Does anyone have any ideas? Or want to help?  Perhaps host a zoom group on a topic? Plan an outdoor meditation? Linda Cronenwett is offering an excellent activity which some will share with the church, so do please read her article about this.  If you have an ideal, let me know.


I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer.  Piper and I are ever thankful for the state park being so close and available, as well as the invitations received to visit other places nearby.  Let us be sure to be thankful for all that we have going for us in these unusual times, including our friends, families, and allowed activities.  Let us also do what we can to successfully limit the spread.

Dr. Lou Yock

Dr. Louis Yock, is the minister of People's Church Unitarian Universalists and in this role, is responsible for delivering a portion of Sunday services, pastoral care, conferring with all committees and providing spiritual leadership for the congregation.