Fellowship Groups

Membership Committee

This group is responsible for ensuring that each visitor and new member experiences a friendly welcome and introduction to the church and its programs. They also provide information and plan new member programs.

Drum Circle

A drum circle is held at People’s Church. Beginning in the Spring, the drum circle will meet on the third Mondays of the month.

What is a drum circle? A drum circle is a community music making event where people sit or stand in a circle while playing percussion instruments People play improvised rhythms. Music is created in the moment. In a drum circle there is no audience. Everyone is part of the performance.


Our extensive library offers books, videos, and cassette tapes on a myriad of topics in keeping with the diversity of our congregation. Simply sign the material out, and return it within a reasonable time. There is no charge for late returns and no restrictions on the number of materials borrowed. Books are color coded to assist you in finding like-subjects, and then replacing your choices in their correct slots. Donations of appropriate resources are appreciated. Any books we are unable to keep are passed on to the Mason County Library for their annual book sale.


This group oversees, designs, implements our website, Facebook, and newsletter. Continually looking for new ideas to implement in our publicity, this is a great way to use your computer and marketing talents.

Cabin Fever

This is a book club for people who like to talk about what they are currently reading and hear about other people’s books as well. We encourage diversity of subject matter and suspect that books will be making the rounds once we share our winter reading preferences. Meetings are every other Wednesday throughout the dead of winter ( until the crocus pop out). Contact Peg Gage for info.