If you have enjoyed any of our activities, please consider joining one of these groups which work behind the scenes to make them happen. The Board and Nominating Committee are elected by the congregation, while the rest are open for volunteers.

Board of Trustees

This elected group meets monthly on the third Thursday. Meetings are open to any interested member or friend of People’s Church. If you would like to bring a topic or issue before the Board, please contact the president at least a week before the meeting so that it may be placed on the agenda.

Religious Education Committee

This group plans, promotes, and conducts programs to meet the educational and spiritual interest of the adult friends and members at People’s Church.

Stewardship Committee

This group plans, executes and evaluates the annual giving campaign for People’s Church. The campaign is the primary funding source of the church’s operating budget. The campaign kicks off in the Spring and culminates in Celebration Sunday in May.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, along with the Treasurer, oversees and manages the financial health of the Church, ensures fiscal responsibility, and communicates financial goals to the Congregation.


Our extensive library offers books, videos, and cassette tapes on a myriad of topics. Simply sign the material out and return it within a reasonable time. Everything is color coded to assist you in finding like subjects, and then replacing your choices in their correct slots Donations of appropriate resources are appreciated.

Membership Committee

This group is responsible for ensuring that each visitor and new member experiences a friendly welcome and introduction to the church and its programs. They also provide information and plan new member programs.

Nominating Committee

The Committee consist of five members elected by the congregation. They prepare a slate of candidates for the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee for the annual meeting.

Building and Grounds

This group oversees the maintenance and repair of the church building, furnishings, and grounds.

Worship Committee

The overall function of the worship committee is to plan for and create well organized and spiritually enhanced worship services.

Interested in joining a committee? Send us a message.

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