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HEART AND MIND – MARCH 2024 – Dr. Louis Yock

With its five years worth of work completed, all well done and comfortably within budget, the
Building Construction Committee dissolved itself at its last meeting in February. The committee
started before COVID, and through a pandemic, and blocked access to the back of the building,
and then blocked access to the front of the building, it diligently and cheerfully accomplished all
that it was directed to do with the support of the congregation. To my mind, it shows how well we
work together as a congregation, and makes me proud (in a good way) about what we are able
to accomplish.

I want to keep these feelings and this knowledge in mind as we continue chugging along,
finalizing the details of the decorating and signage, but also think about how it is we do the
things we do as we begin our annual canvas at the end of the month. When I reflect on all the
ways our church has changed and evolved over the last three decades, I wonder what it is that
holds it all together? I think the theme of this year’s canvas, “All You Need Is Love,” helps me to
put it all into perspective. I recall how, whenever I offer help to anyone on behalf of the
congregation, I provide the caveat that if accepted, you will have an army on your doorstep
ready to help.

The (aspirational) lyrics of the Beatles song speak to all that love can help people to
accomplish. With love, there’s nothing that needs to be known that cannot be known, or that
needs to be done that cannot be done. As we kick-off the annual pledge drive, we want to pay
heed to the love that we have for each other, and also for the world at large. We do not reject
the world as some religious traditions would have us do—we embrace the world with our love.
So, as we start our canvas, we will speak and sing about love, that love that has no boundaries
and that always trusts, hopes, and perseveres.

May the start of this spring season find us shaking off the dry husks of winter, and open
ourselves to the blooming love to be found among us and within us. It’s where we are meant to
be. It’s easy.