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July 2020

It is hard to believe it is July.  Strikingly, time seems to have both slowed down, and sped-up.  In some ways my mind remains in March, and in other ways I’m looking at the near future wondering what is going to happen next? What decisions will have to be made? And then speculate on how those decisions might best be carried out.


Some committee meetings have taken place outdoors, specifically the Building Construction Committee and the Worship Committee. The Intention Group has also been meeting outdoors.  Before long, a meditation group may also begin again.  For the worship committee, a couple people participated by phone, which allowed for more participation than normal, since previously people just attended who could be there in person.  In some ways, the social distancing practices are teaching us how to expand the opportunities for interaction and sharing for those who may not be able to attend.


With the changes in the governor’s orders, small group meetings will be allowed in the church. If a committee member would rather not meet in the church, or is unable, they will still be able to participate using zoom or their phone. The use of the church for committee meetings will be determined by the committees, and dependent on what is allowed by the governor’s orders.  The health procedures and protocols for a small group meeting are posted in the church, and will be sent to the committee chairs. Masks are mandatory.  As always, no one should attend a meeting if they are feeling ill.  For the time being, if your committee would like to meet at the church, please let me know so that no meetings are overlapping or scheduled too closely together.


Finally, Zoom, or some sort of internet access, will probably become a long lasting feature of our Sunday services.  As I speak, many people are working on improving our internet access, and our Sunday service experience.  I am very grateful for the patience and perseverance shown by our members, friends, and visitors, as we learn what we can do and what we need to improve.  The board is committed to making sure that those things offered by the church via the internet are accessible and of good quality.


As we are able to be out and about with the good weather, I hope everyone takes advantage of the unique opportunities our location provides, in a safe and mindful manner.  I constantly keep in mind, and look forward to that day, when we are all gathered in the church, beginning the service with singing “Gather the Spirit”.

Dr. Lou Yock

Dr. Louis Yock, is the minister of People's Church Unitarian Universalists and in this role, is responsible for delivering a portion of Sunday services, pastoral care, conferring with all committees and providing spiritual leadership for the congregation.