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MARCH SALONS: “The Stuff of Life” 3/20/24 at 7 p.m.

Host:  Dave Burt

In my fairly recent pulpit, “The Stuff of Life”, I forgot something important. I described the
molecular mechanics of life without mentioning that I believe Life itself to be sacred. If I worship
anything…it is Life and Living, not just for an individual organism but for the living, 3-D,
intertwined lives of entire ecosystems. My sense is that there is nothing more holy and or
So, along that vein,

 How does Life or Living fit into your sense of spirituality?
 Does the rigorous, scientific study of biological systems somehow devalue your sense of
 How can (and should we?) better display and make public that sense?
 Does your position on a woman’s right to abortion and/or capital punishment erode that
sense of spirituality (and why or why not)?

Salons are conducted only via Zoom. All members and friend receive a link on the morning of
each Salon.  Or you can request the link from the church office.