JUNE 9, 2024 – “Pride and Otherness” – Julia Raddatz and Al O’Neill

Julie Raddatz gives an overview of Title IX history and its functions, comparing recent administrations’ approaches and explaining how political power structures and categories of “otherness” influence educational legislation. By empowering children through listening to their own descriptions of their identities and experiences, she explains how we can help grant them agency within the influence of a powerful self-appointed moral majority that relies on threats and control.

Al O’Neill provides a primer on anti-LGBT dog-whistles and how to identify them in current media and lawmaking, showing how hate speech and scapegoating function to mislead us. With a focus on book bans and debates about “parents’ rights” and “family values” in an educational setting, he will provide context for understanding more about rhetorical devices of the modern far-right.

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