Room For Your Spirit, Part 1

We will celebrate Part 1 of our Water Communion at Memorial Tree Park, the park at the north end of Washington in Ludington.  With the sizable pavilion, rain would actually add to our Water Service.  This is the water we will use for the dedication of the addition.  As you enter the service, you are invited to bring water with you, from home or a meaningful spot, to add to the common bowl.  And then, at Part II on September 27th, you are invited to share on Zoom what your participation at People’s Church means to you.  As the water increases and mingles, may our talent, aspirations, and love for each other grow, and provide freshness and growth to our community, just as water provides renewal and life to the earth.

About Dr. Lou Yock

Dr. Louis Yock, is the minister of People's Church Unitarian Universalists and in this role, is responsible for delivering a portion of Sunday services, pastoral care, conferring with all committees and providing spiritual leadership for the congregation.