Social Justice

People’s Church is Standing on the Side of Love

The prophetic liberal church is the church in which all members share the common respect to foresee the consequences of human behavior (both individual and institution) with the intention of making history in place of merely being pushed around by it.


People’s Church is a Welcoming Congregation!

People’s Church draws its inspiration for social justice from the teachings of the great religions and our basic seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. We strive to implement values of love and compassion in the broader community as we face a variety of important issues within our culture such as poverty, hunger, civil rights, discrimination, access to health care, a clean environment and a peaceful co-existence.

Ongoing Social Justice

Community Table:

Joining with several local congregations, People’s Church is an active participant in the Community Table, a dinner offered to the community every Tuesday at the Community Church; all are welcome. Everyone can participate in this outreach activity by reviewing the schedule on the bulletin board in the social room.

Fair Trade Products:

UUSC sponsored Fair Trade, shade grown, organic coffee, tea and chocolate are available for sale in Hospitality Hall. Our purchases help support worker justice, preservation of songbird winter habitat, and more.

Environmental Advocacy and Action Team:

Consistent with the UU Principles of respect for the interdependent web of all existence and the pursuit of justice, equity, and compassion in human relations, the EAAT raises awareness, facilitates discussion, and implements programs dealing with environmental justice and eco-friendly practices.

Food Bank:

Food is collected every Sunday during the winter months and delivered to area food pantries.

Split the Plate Offerings:

Once per month our congregation splits the offering and donates the funds to various local and national organizations; such as COVE, The Community Table, AFFEW, The Great Start Collaborate, the UUA Association Sunday, The Great Wave Sangha Buddhists, the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network and the Unitarian Univerasalist Service Committee.

People’s Church also allies itself with other Unitarian Universalist organizations working for social justice such as the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network. They are committed to making progressive policy changes in Michigan while also responding to justice issues outside our state.

People’s Church also works with the U.U. Service Committee. Like most denominations that have a service committee, the UUSC is engaged in overseas work and partners with many local organizations to overcome issues associated with forced immigration, poverty, hunger and war.

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