Help Wanted | Nursery Coordinator

Nursery Coordinator Job Description

Compensation: $30 per hour 

Full-Time/Part-Time: part-time; one-and-a-half hours per week 

Location: People’s Church, 115 W. Loomis Street, Ludington MI 49431 


Organizational Philosophy: 

Peoples Church is a welcoming congregation that is made up of people from many diverse religious backgrounds and lifestyles. We do not require our members to subscribe to a creed and believe that the search for truth is best accomplished by seeking with open minds and hearts. We believe in freedom to believe as we choose and tolerance for those who believe differently than we do. 

Position Responsibilities and Expectations: 

  • Provide age appropriate care for children six-weeks up to 5  years of age. One to 1/12  hours in the church nursery 
  • Assist children in toileting, changing diapers or escorting children to the restroom 
  • Maintain a safe and clean nursery environment, and tidy the room before leaving 
  • Notify a parent/guardian in the case of an emergency 
  • Engage the children in play, games, and stories 
  • The Nursery coordinator will fulfill their professional role all but one Sunday a   month, when church volunteers will act as the substitute Nursery Coordinator 
  • Additional planned absences may be approved with advance notice to the Religious Education Committee (RE Committee) 
  • In the case that there are no children 4 years-old or younger in attendance, the Nursery Coordinator may do a deeper clean of the nursery, plan activities for the future, assist with the older children, or leave and receive half pay. 
  • To ensure an open system of feedback, there will be a meeting between the RE Committee and the Nursery Coordinator twice a year (the Nursery Coordinator will be compensated for their extra time at the normal hourly rate)


Additional Expectations: 

  • Applicants must be 16 years-old or older and pass a background check 
  • It is   mandatory that the Nursery Coordinator be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at   least two weeks prior to their starting date. Masking and distancing restrictions shall be followed as posted and updated by the Safe Congregation Committee ○ As of September 2022, there is not a mask or distance requirement inside of People’s Church, however this is subject to change 
  • Washing hands, helping children wash hands, wiping down table tops, and other good hygiene practices shall be followed in the nursery 
  • It is expected that all of the children will be treated with inclusiveness, respect, and equality 

Please submit resumes to:

People’s Church
115 W Loomis St
Ludington, Mi 49431

or CONTACT US for more info.